2 Bar MAP Sensors are used on forced induction vehicles(Turbo & Supercharged).


Use a Brass Pressure Sensor where you need a good reference to what pressure is being seen. 06-08-2015, 02:16 PM.


If not, I'll do a Custom 2 bar MAP sensor scale, but all the information I find on the GM sensor has 18 cells of cal and the Holley has 16.

They can measure up to 2x the apmospheric pressure (29. Stock Vs Aftermarket MAP sensor reading. 207.


This sensor will allow you to read boost when tuning through HP Tuners as well as EFI Live. 044 volts (4. Example: Brass Pressure Sensor used for a Boost Gauge – Reference/Information for knowing manifold pressure, not for ECU calibration.

75 psi :: -25. Support Those Who Support The GarageHPTuners: http://www.

Now I have programmed some safety options, using Boost Safety.

The LS2 and later manifolds require modification along with a separate connection harness which is included as an option above.

7 Bar MAP Sensor. SKU Two Bar Map Sensors Categories Camaro V8 2010-2015, Camaro V8 2010-2015 Engine, Chevy SS 2014-2017, Corvette 05-13 Engine, Corvette 97-04 Engine, Corvette C5 1997.

33. Nov 29, 2019 · How to swap from a smaller map sensor to a larger one.

Common GM Linear Calibration: 20kpa (absolute)=0.
You will want to just select 3 bar map in the pull down menu for the what aux channel it is on.
stock compression.

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Specs. I have installed a GM 12615136 into my LS1, upgraded to the HPT 2BAR OS. 784 - 5.

5kpa/5v)*x-14. 5PSI=1000milibar 3 bar SensorScalar: 617Offset:. It looks like the standard GM 2-bar sensor which uses 200kPa/8kPa as the linear/offset values. 3 digit numbers for identification: 1 Bar: 039, 460, 883, 876, 153. I suspect a rich condition, probably due to messed up sensor configuration. Details.


89 kPa. Using an external MAP Sensor is preferred when using the MAP-ECU2 in MAF Elimination Mode to eliminate hesitation on throttle tip-in.

5L Diesel (MAP/Turbo Pressure Sensor) Calibration Data: 20 Kpa = 0.

08 max voltage 4.



5V for the 12592525 sensor.