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– Can hold 750 000 Food. 0.

0 par FS22 Mods · Publié mars 3, 2023 · Mis à jour mars 3, 2023 Étable avec système d'alimentation mixte LIZARD à construction monorail, augmente l'efficacité du processus d'alimentation dans votre ferme laitière et vous bénéficierez d'une alimentation de groupe précise et d'une gestion.

March 28, 2023 4:09 AM.

bigger feeding Value for the robot. Does require external (extended) storages for each of these. Manure heaps work different in FS22, included is the Patz barn cleaner that will store you manure, and you fill a spreader or trailer under the end of the chute.


0. Updated: 1 year ago. The building is inspired by a real East European farm.

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6 and 8 Row Gleaner Heads.

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Big White Cow Barn v1. This Mod increases the maximum number of Cows to 500.

Budova je inspirována skutečnou východoevropskou farmou.
increased capacity for inputs and outputs.

500 $ Velká bílá stáj pro krávy má prostor pro 60 škunerů dobytka.


. . FS22 Cow Barn Small.

. 500 $ Velká bílá stáj pro krávy má prostor pro 60 škunerů dobytka. 1. FS22 Cow Barn Small Mod for Farming Simulator 22. .

Cow Barn 250 – Holds 250 Cows – Produces, but does not have storage for: Manure, Slurry, and Milk.

. – Lights automatically come on at 6pm, and turn off at 8am.

0-Decreased overall price and daily upkeep costs.

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